Sunday, May 26, 2013

Together As A Team

"If I could help the world, I'll do it."

I prayed for the answer to the internet

and GOD gave me the answer in this blog.


Remember all businesses work the same, get a link, share it.

Good idea if u ask me.  All internet businesses work this way.

You sign up, you get a link, you share, people visit, you get paid.

I don't like taking money from people, 

and I won't teach you how to take money from people.  

I love to give, and I will teach you how to give freely.

Give me your suggestions and input on this.

And why you will or won't do this with me?

You already have all the tools u need to earn money from home.

Your phone, your tablet, your computer, internet.

Now all u need is a business system to bring in the money.

This one is $0 so u can't beat that!

If you find something better, tell me and I'll join with you!

I'm teaching u right now how to earn money with your computer.

Read to the end of this page.  This is your training manual.

For $0 you get a totally free website activated in your name.

And as people join, they upgrade, then u get paid.

Earning money from home is awesome!

It's as simple as posting a website url link,

You'll get one just like mine

It's $0, no cost whatsoever, and active within 5 minutes.

The product is a healthy coffee blend that is in demand.

400 Million cups of coffee are sold each day.

When u sign up for $0 u get the website free, thank goodness!

All u have to do is tell people the link to your free website.

When they upgrade, u get paid.  Simple!

I don't know of any other business as simple as this one.

The ability to work from home doing what we already do daily:

post on facebook/twitter/googleplus/craigslist/backpage/blog etc.

Why not share and talk about ur new business and earn money?

Good idea if u ask me.  All internet businesses work this way.

You sign up, get the link, you advertise, people visit, get paid.


Except me.  All glory to GOD!

They're too greedy!  They're wealthy and greedy, that sucks!!!

I'm ready for the future when currency is not used anymore.

They say something greedy like this, "I'll give you $497 worth

of marketing, and 20 training videos, and 100 ebooks,

all worth over $4000 in value, yours free if you will put your

name and email in the form and sign up for $97".

Do you see, they're not giving you anything up front.

They want to build their list on your expense, that sucks!!!

And on top of that, it would take you 1 full year to digest

all the material they are dumping on you like a dump truck.


If so, introduce me!  :)

Check it out: 10 step training, right here, right now:

That's what I bring to the table: friendship and love.

Step 1: copy this whole page, or save it to your desktop.

Step 2: sign-up for your $0 website

Step 3: when you log-in, click My Website, and copy the link.

Step 4: replace all my info in this message with your info.

Step 5: u need to put this exact message from this whole page 

somewhere online where u can update it daily, 

such as a blog like mine, facebook page, or where u visit daily.

This effectively duplicates everything I have right into your life.

This is the true business plan of the future.  Thanks to GOD!

Step 6: start sharing your blog link all over the internet, don't spam.

Step 7: many people will sign up, and some will pay to upgrade 

their business website, and you get paid when they upgrade.

Step 8: Congratulations on your first home based business!  

You just earned some money by sharing your blog by

doing what u already do daily - posting.  Can't beat that!

Step 8: To use that money u need an online bank with credit card.

Sign up at PayPal for the free business merchant account, 

then at Payza, then SolidTrustPay, then WePay, then Dwolla.  

Step 9: Upgrade your coffee website so u get big checks like me!

Step 10: A few months go by, and you're earning $400/week,

so to supercharge your business to earn $20,000 per month,

start buying traffic and leads at Fiverr or at Elance and other sites.

Another excellent way is recording your own Youtube videos.

Using a webcam, start talking about your new online business.

Why you enjoy it!  Why people should join!  Why it can't be beat!

Now save the video, then upload it to your Youtube account.

Put your url link and contact info under the video description 

so people can call you or email you if they want to speak with you.  

The goal is to get enough ads on the internet 

so that you're getting 15-20 incoming phone calls daily.

These people want to give you cash to get in your business!!!!!

You're doing great!!!  That's when ur in the sweet spot!  $$$$$

My friend Mike Malick in California gets $10,000 per month doing this.

I don't believe in holding any secrets from you,

especially when we're talking about your life, and your very own 

internet business that you can work from home as a PT/FT job,

that can set u free from poverty, stress, depression, etc.  

I'll tell u everything I know, for free, 

because I love you my brothers and sisters, 

and I'm against greedy people with their secret knowledge. 

The final step once ur successful with the healthy coffee business, 

is to join these websites below to leverage our time and money.

This is the most important part of this system.

If you dedicate yourself to follow every step on this page,

Our team will be strong and powerful, shaping the internet.

As a leader, you must follow your leader exactly step by step.

The plan is having millions of people following this page,

this exact system, step by step, staying on the path.

You will be in demand to every internet company in the world.

All internet companies will desire us, calling us, seeking us.

Why?  Because of the power of teamwork and duplication!!!

Every company will be calling us to get on this list below.

Why?  Because as soon as they get added to this list,

instantly within days they have over 10,000 customers,

because everyone is following the leader step by step.

Remember all businesses work the same, get the link, then share it.

Here are the websites below in recommended sign up order.

1. You need an email address to work with,

this gmail also activates a youtube account in your name.

2.  Online password manager, need this!

3.  Free social network to meet people.

4.  Free social network to meet people.

5.  Free social network to meet people.

6.  Free social network to meet people.

7.  Free business network.

8.   Free network.

9.  Free Better Web Builder.

10.  Free permanent online resume.

11.  Free classifieds to help u advertise.

12.  Free classifieds to help u advertise.

13.  Free link squeezer if you need it.

And now the online banks to help you receive your money:

1.  Paypal online bank account.

2. Paypal Prepaid Mastercard This card links to your PayPal account.

3. SolidTrustPay  SolidTrustPay online bank account.

4. Payza  Payza online bank account.

5. WePay  Wepay is a very smooth and powerful online bank account.

6. Dwolla  Pay friends by email, phone, facebook, twitter, linkedin.

And now the following websites you must join as you are able.

Use the income you made from the $0 healthy coffee business.

This multiplies the power and strength of this business plan!

0. $7 ebook store and penny matrix!

1.  $25 matrix, excellent!

2.  $47 every internet tool ever needed in one!

3.  $40/mo. all natural herbal pill reduces the

root cause of over 200 diseases and aging by an average 

of 40% in 30 days, with 99 % success. This is powerfully healthy!

4.  The $650 business package.

5.  $49.95 marketing website.

6. Premier Level Membership$269.95 and $169.95 each month.

7. (Add each new website here)
    (this multiplies the strength and power of your business)

8. (Add each new website here)

    (this multiplies the strength and power of your business)

9. (Add each new website here)

    (this multiplies the strength and power of your business)

Lets work together and make some money!

941-806-8907 call or text me.

skype: brian.stusalitus

Brian Stusalitus & Christy Davis (and our baby Mya Eve Davis)

We're in Osprey, FL and soon we'll be travelling the world!

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